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With an eye on the economy and worried about the delay in Shopee deliveries, Brazilian consumers are already looking for Mother's Day gifts

Survey by startup Simplex also highlights greater demand for Xiaomi smartphones

São Paulo, March 2024.

Brazilian consumers have been searching for Mother's Day gifts since February. This is according to Radar Simplex, a survey created by the Franco-Brazilian startup Simplex, which monitors the searches made by consumers in the country's largest e-commerces and captures trends through an artificial intelligence platform. At the top of the ten most searched terms on the Internet, the commemorative date, set for May 12, saw an increase of 6,797% compared to January. According to the Simplex study, the traffic comes exclusively from the Shopee website, which may explain why there was so much anticipation, according to the startup's CEO, João Lee. For the specialist, consumers are not only looking for cheaper imported products, but are also anticipating the longer delivery times characteristic of Chinese platforms.  

Currently, the average delivery time for international orders from Shopee is between 30 and 50 calendar days, according to the site itself. "Delayed delivery of orders is a recurring complaint of those who buy from this type of retailer. Brazilians show that they are taking precautions against possible inconveniences and, of course, are concerned about securing good prices," explains the Simplex executive. 

It is worth remembering thataccording to data from the WCI (World Container Index)the conflict in the Red Sea, resulting from attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels, is already having an impact on freight prices and deadlines for those importing Chinese products.

China also in second place 

In second place on the Simplex Radar for February, demand for Xiaomi smartphones increased by 1,138% compared to January. "Possibly a reflection of the brand's new launch, the Xiaomi 14 Pro," says João.

In a summer of high temperatures, items such as electric showers (+682%), swimming pools (+461%) and air conditioning (+375%) also showed an increase compared to the previous month. 

See below for a complete ranking of the ten items that most piqued Brazilians' interest in the country's big e-commerce stores in February and their respective growth compared to January:

1 - Mother's Day (+6,797%)

2 - Xiaomi (+1,138%)

3 - Electric shower (+682%)

4 - Swimming pool (+461%)

5 - Stitch (+460%)

6 - Air conditioning (+375%)

7 - Dog (+345%)

8 - Printer (+230%)

9 - 4-burner stove (+104%)

10 - Smartphone (+93%)

PLEASE NOTE: Simplex does not advertise job opportunities via WhatsApp. Any such approach is a scam attempt.

ATTENTION: We want to clarify that Simplex does not promote job opportunities through WhatsApp. Any communication in this regard is a scam attempt.

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