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Sir Cache optimizes your website and SEO traffic to the maximum.

We are solving SEO problems and, at the same time, offering new opportunities.

Server Side Rendering, high speed, budget control tracking, and avoid lousy delivery from Google. With Sir Cache you get the best SEO performance..

SEO is a matter of Speed and Competition


Google's communications are clear: if two pages are relevant, speed is the deciding ranking factor.

Sir Cache will allow you to be perceived by Googlebots as the fastest website against your competitors.


Take full control of your indexed content.

Control the Googlebot experience and avoid bad indexing content.

Como o Google recomenda, estamos gerando uma versão estática verdadeira de suas páginas para indexação do Googlebot, então temos a oportunidade única de validar a estrutura de conteúdo da página SEO (<  title >, Metas, Canonical, < Hn >). Antes de retornar a página para Google.

Any regression, AB Test impact on SEO content is detected and replaced with the latest valid version.


Optimise your

website and traffic SEO traffic to the max

Sir Cache optimizes your website and SEO traffic to the maximum

For the first time, you can take control of your Google crawl budget and avoid sterile page time tracking and rendering cannibalization, such as filters or other low-value pages.

Vous pouvez désormais définir des règles pour informer Google que ces pages de faible valeur ne sont pas modifiées afin de concentrer le budget d'exploration sur votre contenu de grande valeur.

Perfect links and Sitemaps XML/HTML management

Having perfect HTML and XML sitemaps management today is mandatory to allow Google to discover existing links and know what content has changed.

As Sir Cache manages Googlebot access, the solution can ensure minimum (security) binding to production to avoid any orphaned pages and losing indexing.

Protect Googlebot access during site periods

Any website can face a network, application or datacentre problem.

The Sir Cache solution prevents Googlebot from experiencing a degraded page version, an inaccessible site providing an "always available last known content" to Google, or automatically applying the 304 or 503 status code to protect your SEO ranking..




The best SEO performance for your business.

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PLEASE NOTE: Simplex does not advertise job opportunities via WhatsApp. Any such approach is a scam attempt.

ATTENTION: We want to clarify that Simplex does not promote job opportunities through WhatsApp. Any communication in this regard is a scam attempt.

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