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Learn how to take your e-commerce to the next level

We don't just produce pages, we create them with the best quality score and that optimises your conversion rate.

How do we do that?

Anticipates the searches most sought after by users.
Qualifiez ces recherches par des notes définies avec l’IA.
Create new pages with the best user experience.


Indexa Commerce creates pages with the best possible user experience and the highest quality score.

We use artificial intelligence to consider the user's browsing perspective to offer pages with the best experience, lowering your bounce rate and improving your conversions.

Our solution follows the most important criteria required by major search engines to rank your website well. This helps optimize your acquisition, as it generates increased traffic with qualified leads, which means greater user engagement and a higher conversion rate.


All the content generated is based on the searches people have been doing in greater numbers across the internet. The intelligence of the system discovers which of these trends relate to your site and generates category pages that are perfect for you. Our system has a database of over 100,000 keywords that are updated weekly according to the market's behaviour. The terms are analysed in a machine learning process and only relevant results are selected. The process of keyword analysis and page creation is totally automatic, as well as the integration made to the site through the use of sitemaps and optimized caching system.


La meilleure expérience utilisateur possible et le quality score le plus élevé




The best solution for user experience optimization.

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