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Find out what the main portals are saying about Simplex and about our clients and partners.

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Search engine reads people's conversations to recommend sites

The adoption of artificial intelligence is changing the way people search the internet, while human labor is valued more.

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What are the most searched terms for Mother's Day gifts?

Household appliances and electronics dominate the list of search darlings

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Porto de Galinhas was the destination most sought after by Brazilians for the end of the year, according to a survey

With an increase of 5,364% compared to November, Porto de Galinhas was the most searched term by Brazilians on the Internet in December 2023.

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From travel to pets, find out what Brazilians will be looking for at the end of 2023

A report released by Simplex shows large variations in the number of searches for specific categories between November and December

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Survey shows that gaming products led searches on Black Friday

In the month of Black Fridaygamer electronics were high on the wish list of Brazilians looking for the best discounts. This is what the November edition of Radar Simplexa survey created by the Franco-Brazilian startup Simplex, which monitors searches carried out by consumers in Brazil's largest e-commerces and captures trends through an artificial intelligence platform.

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Black Friday 2023: Medicines and courses on the consumer's list

Promotions for distance learning courses (EAD) and medicines for regular use jumped in purchase intentions for Black Friday 2023 between September and October, according to a study.

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It was clear that the Brazilian market is very mature and full of challenges and opportunities

According to João Lee, "We really do have a great capacity for developing massive technologies. Everything that is tested in Brazil works in most parts of the world, given the challenge of the size of the Brazilian market."

To find out more about this innovation week in France, click on learn more.

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Barbie is the most searched item for Children's Day gifts

The number of consultations rose by 1,488% in September compared to August; Baby Reborn came in second with a 444% increase ■

Ingenuity and improvisation

Professionals point to Brazil's challenging scenario as a global differential.

Ingenuity, a sense of adaptability and fraud-proof systems are some competitive differentials that have made Brazilian technologies gain market share worldwide. Being born on Brazilian soil is not a problem but a boost.
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There was an article in Meio & Mensagem about the risks of brands not adapting to Google Analytics 4. 

The report heard from several market experts, including our CEO João LEE, who opened the article by talking about how some brands delay the migration movement, which impacts the adaptation of teams, since the version has new metrics that require study, in addition to a different interface.

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Latin blood!

Simplex is expanding more and more and our next market is Mexico.

We count on a great partnership to be able to serve more and more companies and markets.
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Simplex uses artificial intelligence for businesses to reach the top of Google

With a presence in France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Colombia, Mexico, Japan and China, Brazilian startup Simplex has developed SEO tools that use artificial intelligence resources to make internet searches more accurate.
In 2019, Brazilian software multinational CI&T identified the need to increase traffic on its website. 
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Do you know what the metaverse represents for the SEO universe?

"More than ever, we must deliver to a specific search a result that lives up to that specification. And in voice, that will be most evident." 

According to our Marketing and Culture Manager, Carolina Delfini Junqueira Franco, the metaverse - which features events, parades, shows, products for avatars, and much more - has as one of its focuses, a new form of social connection within various options of virtual worlds and realities.
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Generation Z and TikTok challenge search engines

Do any of you still use Google to search?
This new model will pose huge challenges for teams, and even more so for SEO teams. We are witnessing the emergence of a new disruption in search engines. So, is your company prepared?
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After the first five years of its trajectory, the startup started to stimulate the strengthening of the innovation culture. 
We encourage our current employees to participate in courses and mentoring. Because we are a company that was born global, with operations in Brazil and Europe, we make English courses available for employees who need to upgrade their foreign language skills. 
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Carnaval month
was marked by searches for alcoholic beverages and home furnishings

Our co-founder, João Lee comments on our Radar Simplex in an article for E-Commerce Brazil.

The return of the Carnival festivities, along with travel during the holiday, was a trigger for a demand that has been pent-up since last year to manifest itself strongly

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CI&T bets on intelligent and automated SEO

CI&T, a Brazilian multinational company that specializes in digital transformation, is betting on intelligent and automated SEO to expand its brandawareness on a global scale.

The growth curve from June 2019, when the project was started, to January 2022, has increased by almost 300%.

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What has the internet revealed in the second year of the pandemic?

We have always known that the population's aspirations leave their mark on the internet. But in 2021, the second year of the pandemic, the history of consumer searches in the country reveals, with even more nuances, the tensions experienced by the population in the period. While many adapt to the return of intermittent social interaction, others still find themselves forced to stay at home to work and study. 

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Brazil is not a young country!

According to a survey, almost 38 million Brazilians are baby boomers (aged 60 or over).

In this article, Simone Freire, creator of the Web For All Movement and João Lee, our co-founder, tackle the subject of etarism and the barriers in ecommerce. 
Accessibility has gained increasing importance when it comes to technology, and when talking about the use of it by senior citizens it becomes even more relevant.
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Black Friday: consumers plan to bring forward Christmas shopping

Stay tuned for the top searches leading up to one of the biggest e-commerce events of the year.

According to Radar Simplex the iPhone, was the most sought after item on e-commerce during the first week of November, which marked the opening of Black Friday 2021.

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Searches for drinks and wedding rings grow on Black Friday

Radar Simplex - Black Friday edition

Simplex Radar revealed that searches for drinks and wedding rings grew on Black Friday. Other items that began to appear in searches are gamer smartphone and items for Christmas dinner.

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iPhone is the most searched term for Black Friday

"Black Friday Esquenta" draws consumers' attention.

The Simplex survey also showed that the term "Black Friday Warm-up", related to the anticipation of promotions, has become popular among consumers. Compared to the end of October and early November 2020, searches grew by 85%.

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Black Friday offers may not be attractive due to inflation

According to a survey conducted by Radar Simplex, between October 31 and November 6, iPhone led as the top search term.

Next, the most searched words were: tyres, wholesale drinks, antigen tests and office chair.

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The Simplex Radar - Black Friday edition - identifies early movements of Black Friday Heat in the second year of the pandemic. The term "Black Friday" represents 21% of the peak searches of 2020 and the search for "Esquenta Black Friday" is 85% higher.

Stay on top of the most searched terms for one of the biggest e-commerce events of the year in this Simplex article for E-Commerce Brazil:

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Black Friday: SEO needs to be aligned with the business

Everyone knows that the technical area needs to be aligned with company management for technology to bring results. The process becomes even more vital when it comes to SEO during the craziest time of the year for retailers: #BlackFriday.

For this reason, our co-founder João Lee has highlighted in this article the main missions of the SEO professional for Black Friday

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How to drive online shoppers back to the physical shop

One of the main challenges for retailers was driving consumers to e-commerce, now in the post-pandemic, it is important to chart a hybrid path.

Our Indexa solution has gained a new feature, the Store Locator. And it can help you with that.

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New Capture

This week, our co-founder João Lee told CartaCapital about our plans and strategies for the future and Simplex's next steps.

If you want to stay up to date with all our news, follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Listen to João Lee, one of the founders of Simplex, in an interview for the podcast PDV (Por Dentro do Varejo), in a conversation full of insights with Gunnebo executives Adriano Sambugaro and Gustavo Carrer.

Throughout this chat, João explained why, to grow in online retail, it is not enough just to create a sales website.

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In this article written by our co-founder João Lee for Propmark discover the best tips on how to prevent yourself from heavy traffic during Black Friday.

Keep in mind that if your site gets multiple hits, you could have your page go down.

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The article "An SEO tailored to them", by our Head of Marketing Carolina Junqueira Franco, draws attention to the large under-representation of women in SEO teams

One of the first lessons of good SEO is to learn to think with the minds (and words) of those doing the internet searches. And this can differ greatly from audience to audience.

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Any online retail handbook should feature a chapter dedicated to 13-month annual planning, after all, about a 1/13th of the industry's sales are billed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our founding partner João Lee gave important tips in this article published by Propmark on preparing for Black Friday.

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Why companies
choose to work
with Simplex.

Our solutions aim to help our clients bring in more qualified traffic. Through AI, Indexa can predict what consumers are looking for to create the best possible user experience.

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How to be someone in no man's land

In this article written by our co-founder Florian Bessonnat for Propmark find out how to improve your online search results and physical shops.

In the encounter between offline and online there are several opportunities but also several disappointments.

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AI-based solution increases sales conversion at Mobly

Want to know how we helped Mobly increase organic visibillity and create thousands of Landing Pages automatically?

We've been working with Mobly for a few months now and we shared at Computerworld Brazil the amazing results we've achieved. Indexa, our SEO optimization tool, generated thousands of landing pages and increased the company's organic visibility through #intelligenceartificial. To learn more, access the article.

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Consumers maintain on Black Friday consumption habits that emerged with the pandemic

The pandemic left its mark and we found several unusual items in Black Friday searches.

Our Simplex Radar investigated several ecommerces to find out what were the shopping habits this Black Friday.

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With data integration and statistical models Bunge optimizes its marketing budget

With data integration and statistical models Simplex was able to help Bunge optimize their marketing budget.

Bunge, agribusiness and food companies, with the help of Simplex, can predict how the sales of their brands will behave throughout the year based on the marketing investment made in each region of the country.

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Ghost SEO

Have you heard of Ghost SEO?

In this article published by Computerworld Brazil, our co-founder Florian Bessonnat explains how to avoid Phantom SEO and avoid losses when investing in SEO best practices.

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Traditional industries and the crisis

How traditional Industries are doing in the crisis.

It's a pretty common joke among marketers to say that social isolation has been responsible for the digital transformation of companies faster than any CMO/CTO. But we're not going to talk about that in this article.

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Prelude to recovery

Three Predictions for the Digital Market.

We work with companies in Brazil and Europe, so we've been able to identify several trends. Our co-founder João Lee, together with TI Inside shares the 3 predictions for the digital market in Brazil.

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