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Simplex offers SEO consulting with an in-depth study of each individual case.

We offer a personalized consultancy service for your business model based on assessing the needs detected and the company's strategic goals..

With a focus on data and consistently applying the best SEO practices according to the main search engines, we develop a schedule of actions aimed at the best scenario for each team.

Consultancy focused on data and performance.


Simplex offers SEO & Competitive Intelligence consulting with an in-depth study of each case individually. Our team offers a customized consultancy for your business, in which we assess the needs and strategic goals of the company and unfold in tactics. Always applying the best SEO practices with a focus on data. Our structuring process for strategic SEO consulting is divided into two stages:

1. Analysis, Diagnosis and Implementation

2. Ongoing Consulting Support


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Analysis, diagnosis, and implementation support

Based on Simplex's know-how and according to the best practices presented by the leading search engines, recommendations will be made to be implemented, considering technical and business aspects.

From this recommendation, a list of necessary actions is generated, validated with the technical teams, and then unfolded into a technical executable scheduled.

Ongoing Support

After building the initial recommendation and the strategic plan, we'll carry periodic control points to evaluate the execution of the previous stage, validate and analyze market movements (competition strategy), evaluate indicators, and calibrate the plan's evolution.

At this stage, besides the platform diagnosis and the market/competition analysis, new technologies will be evaluated, and the plan will be recalibrated.

The entire consulting journey is backed by Cerebro, our intelligent system that monitors and informs every step of your website's growth, drops, and instability in real time. With data analysis and automatic KPI reporting.






Find the best consultancy tailored to your business model.

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PLEASE NOTE: Simplex does not advertise job opportunities via WhatsApp. Any such approach is a scam attempt.

ATTENTION: We want to clarify that Simplex does not promote job opportunities through WhatsApp. Any communication in this regard is a scam attempt.

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