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Porto de Galinhas was the destination most sought after by Brazilians for the end of the year

A survey by startup Simplex also recorded an increase in demand for washer-dryers, Chromecast devices and fashion items such as cloud slippers and papettes in the month of Christmas.

São Paulo, January 2024.

With an increase of 5,364% compared to November, Porto de Galinhas was the most searched term by Brazilians on the Internet in December 2023. This is according to Radar Simplex, a survey created by the Franco-Brazilian startup Simplex, which monitors the searches made by consumers in the country's largest e-commerces and captures trends through an artificial intelligence platform. When compared to the same period last year, the result is also significant: an increase of almost 300% in searches for the region, located in Ipojuca, in the Metropolitan Region of Recife.   

"It's always been a very desirable place for tourists. But, year after year, it seems that the beach has been consolidated as the preferred destination for Brazilians," says João Lee, CEO of Simplex, which specializes in increasing traffic, conversion and online sales. 

It is worth remembering that Porto de Galinhas appeared for the first time in 2023 in the world ranking of the most welcoming places in the world, occupying eighth position, which reinforces this consolidation. 

Trend shoes, electronics and household appliances on the rise for Christmas 

In the month of Christmas, household appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, and electronics, such as Chromecast devices, stood out with increases of 613% and 444% respectively compared to the previous month. The fashion for cloud slippers (+305) and papetes (+195) also invaded the gift list compared to November. 

The most curious item, however, according to the startup, was the dog, which ranked 4th in the ranking, with a growth of 414% month-on-month. "Since the end of the pandemic, we've seen an explosion in demand for wedding rings, because many couples have postponed their ceremonies. Getting a pet is the next step for many newlyweds. A dog can be a loving and symbolic Christmas present for those just starting out in their lives as a couple. Perhaps this explains the gradual increase after the pandemic," says João. 

See below for a complete ranking of the ten items that most aroused Brazilian interest in December and their respective increases compared to November:

1 - Porto de Galinhas (+5,364%)

2 - Washer and dryer (+613%)

3 - Chromecast (+444%)

4 - Dog (+414%)

5 - Cloud slipper (+305%)

6 - Skateboarding (+265%)

7 - Vacuum cleaner (+207%)

8 - Papete (+195%)

9 - ps5 (+189%)

10 - Electric oven (+178)