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iPhone and antigen tests top searches this early Black Friday 2021

Simplex Radar identifies first movements of Esquenta Black Friday in the second year of the pandemic; according to Google Trends, the term "Black Friday" represented, last week, 21% of the peak of 2020 searches; already, the search for "Esquenta Black Friday" is 85% higher

São Paulo, November 9, 2021 - iPhone, tires, wholesale beverages, antigen test and office chair are the top search terms among the 6 million e-commerce pages monitored by Radar Simplex in the week between October 31 and November 6 - the first of the official Black Friday season, also identified as "Black Friday Warm-Up".

Noteworthy is the 1,600 or so searches for Apple's iPhone phone in its various forms during the week. "In practice, the total number of clicks on terms related to specific devices and the iPhone brand was close to ten times higher than the clicks on the term 'cell phones on sale'. This gives the dimension of the strength of the brand ", comments João Lee, founding partner of Simplex, a startup specializing in technology to increase traffic and sales conversion for e-commerces, and who created the Simplex Radar.

Consumers and COP 26

Among the terms on the rise, another surprise is the expression "net zero", which refers to products whose carbon footprint is neutral - just on the eve of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow, Scotland. "It's as if the consumer is indirectly engaging in the defense of the planet," Lee speculates.

Already, the greater demand for the antigen test for Covid-19 makes perfect sense. "There is a pent-up demand for activities with many people, such as parties, concerts and soccer matches, at this stage of the pandemic when much of the population is vaccinated and contact restrictions are easing," says Lee.

Google Trends

Google Trends for the week of October 31 to November 6 is still 21% away from the peak of searches for the term Black Friday, which occurred at the height of the e-commerce promotion in November 2020. E-commerce, therefore, has to go another 79% further to reach the same movement recorded at the height of last year's Black Friday. "It is curious, however, that the term 'Black Friday heat' today registers 185 points, which is 85% higher than its peak recorded last year." For Lee, this indicates that retailers have adopted the term to try to anticipate Black Friday sales, avoiding the incredible concentrations of flows in the days close to November 26. "It's an important learning from online retailers, as it avoids such overloaded websites on November 26 and the consequent loss of sales - either due to slowdowns or websites being down," Lee summarizes.