Brazilians are more romantic in 2021. A survey conducted by All IN, Social Miner and Opinion Box, found that this year 53% of consumers intended to go shopping and give gifts to their better half, compared to 47% last year. The difference of 6 percentage points shows a greater openness to celebrate the date that has been establishing itself as one of the main ones in Brazilian e-commerce.

But it's not all flowers. The survey found that 22% of consumers between 30 and 49 years, or more than a fifth of this public, claimed that they needed to save money. Likewise, 16% of the people in this age group said they were not excited about celebrating the occasion. And what were they looking for? According to the survey, 45% of men were looking for Beauty and Cosmetics items for their partners, and 29% of them were looking for florists. Already 19% of them turned to sporting goods as gifts for their sweethearts.

The paths that led consumers to the products they wanted to buy were the most diverse. Search engines such as Google and Bing are, by far, the first resource Brazilians adopted to search for gifts: 44% resorted to them. Next came physical stores, preferred by 37% of consumers. (By the way, physical stores beat the 39% preference among classes C, D and E, compared to the 29% identified among classes A and B). Finally, apps (32%) and Instagram (28%) earned the third and fourth positions as preferred channels for gift searches, respectively.

Conclusion: with such distinct profiles in the Brazilian population, the best strategy to make your product be found by consumers is to bet on an omnichannel strategy, that is, one that combines various sales channels, from search engines, physical stores, social networks, applications, and e-commerce.

The survey by All iN, Social Miner and Opinion Box heard 1099 Brazilians between May 12 and 17, 2021. It can be accessed here.