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Cell phones, laptops and refrigerators lead Black Friday searches today 

Products are the most sought after by consumers in the early hours of the main retail date; search for the term "promotion" increased by almost 300% compared to the days leading up to Black Friday, points out Radar Simplex

São Paulo, November 25, 2022 - Mobile phones, notebooks and refrigerators are the products most sought after by consumers in the first hours of this Black Friday, which officially started at zero hour this Friday, 25. In practice, smartphones are by far the product that arouses the greatest interest from consumers, registering a volume of searches that is equivalent to almost double that registered by the second and third placed on the list, notebooks and refrigerators - which are practically tied. The data are from Radar Simplex, special edition Black Friday, a survey that monitors the searches carried out by consumers in the largest e-commerces operating in Brazil. dd

The other items that are with intense searches in the first hours of Black Friday are TVs, sneakers (shoes), and air fryers, the last two of which are maintaining search rates very similar to those recorded in the days leading up to the sales event (see list at the end of the text). 

Regarding TVs, the first hours of Black Friday indicate a small drop in searches for this item when compared to last week's data (-6%) and increased demand for refrigerators (14%). For João Lee, CEO and founding partner of Simplex, this movement indicates that part of consumers, due to the FIFA World Cup, preferred to anticipate the purchase of TV sets. "By the way, many people did not want to wait until the day of Black Friday and preferred to guarantee the new TV to watch the first game of Brazil, which, by the way, debuted yesterday with a good victory and playing well!", He celebrates.  

As for the leadership of cell phones, this was already expected, and indicates that smartphones are undoubtedly the big stars of the 2022 shopping event. "Since the beginning of the special monitoring of Black Friday, in October, cell phones have led the list among the most sought after products. Without a doubt, it is the main object of desire for consumers today ", he points out.

Lee also points out that Black Friday does not live only of electronics. "Sneakers and decorations remained among the most sought after products in the four weeks leading up to Black Friday, that is, they showed firm consumer interest," he stresses.

One item that registered a significant increase in searches carried out in the first hours of Black Friday, although without entering the list of the ten most sought after, were toys, which grew 263% compared to last week's data. "The phenomenon suggests that many people intend to use Black Friday to anticipate the purchase of gifts for children at Christmas. It cannot be ruled out that, part of the interest in decorations, is also aimed at the end of the year parties ", he points out.

Promotion and Google Trends

It is noteworthy this week that the terms "promotion", "offer" and "discount" grew 289% when compared to the days leading up to the sales event. Already, the search for "Black Friday", which had grown more than 300% in the third week of November, compared to the previous week, maintained an equivalent search rate in the 48 hours leading up to Black-Friday. That is, this Friday, the order of the day is the mining for last-minute opportunities for the main online retail date.

Lee points out that Google Trends points out an interesting fact: the search for "Black Friday" in the search giant this year has already surpassed the searches carried out during the same period last year. For the CEO of Simplex, this indicates that there is growth in consumer interest in Black Friday this year. "In the last twelve months there has been a drop in the unemployment rate in the country, which probably contributed to the increase in interest this year. But, as much of today's purchases will be paid in the coming months, this also denotes consumer confidence in the future, "ponders Lee.  


Ten items most sought after by consumers in the early hours of Black Friday 2022. Source: Simplex Radar.

1. Cell phones
2. Notebooks
3. Refrigerators
4. TVs
5. Sneakers (shoes)
6. Air Fryers
7. Decorations
8. Air-conditioning units
9. Video game consoles
10. Clothes

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