Heat waves boost searches for air conditioning models on the Internet, according to January's Simplex Radar

Heat waves boost searches for air conditioning models on the Internet, according to Radar Simplex January

Survey also highlights greater demand for water purifiers and Brazilian revelers' purchasing intentions for Carnival

São Paulo, February 2024.

The frequent heatwaves that have plagued the country since the last months of 2023 and which promise to intensify during Carnival boosted Brazilian searches for air conditioning models in January. This is according to the first edition of 2024 of Radar Simplex, a survey created by the Franco-Brazilian startup Simplex, which monitors searches made by consumers in the country's largest e-commerces and captures trends through an artificial intelligence platform. Demand for the Inverter model rose by 878% compared to December 2023, leading the ranking of the ten most searched terms. The portable model of the appliance, in turn, grew by 334% compared to December last year.

"Summer is a time when we naturally see this increase in interest. Both the portable model and the Inverter are linked to a consumer looking for savings, who wants to cool off while spending less," says João Lee, CEO of Simplex, which specializes in increasing traffic, conversion and online sales. 

In second place on the January Radar, water purifiers jumped 485% compared to December. For the executive, the evolution may be related to the most recent outbreak of gastroenteritis in Rio de Janeiro.  

Carnival preparations   

In addition to electronics and household appliances, such as smartphones, electric pressure cookers and brush dryers, January's ranking also includes terms such as thermoses (+233%) and Maragogi (313%), probably signaling the purchase intentions and destinations of Brazilian revelers who spent January preparing for Carnival. 

"Stanley glasses are all the rage, but as they are more expensive models, many people end up looking for cheaper thermoses to keep their drinks cold during this high-temperature Carnival," says João. 

In the annual comparison, the Simplex Radar also points out that Maragogi had an impressive increase of 2352%. 

See below for a complete ranking of the ten items that most piqued Brazilians' interest in the country's major e-commerce stores in January and their respective growth compared to December 2023:

1 - Inverter air conditioning (+878%)

2 - Water purifier (+485%)

3 - Smartphone (+432%)

4 - Dryer brush (+392%)

5 - Electric pressure cooker (+341%)

6 - Portable air conditioning (+334%)

7 - Baby alive (+324%)

8 - Maragogi (+313%)

9 - Thermos (+233%)

10 - Backpack (+178%)