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Generative AI and Digital Invisibility: The Enlightening Case of Imperva

Imperva's Journey into the Depths of Generative AI

Generative AI and Digital Invisibility: The Enlightening Case of Imperva

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, generative artificial intelligence (AI), particularly ChatGPT, has taken many established players by surprise. Their ability to process and generate information from vast data sets seems almost magical. However, the belief that these technologies have direct and unfailing access to all data available on the web is an illusion, as demonstrated by the fascinating case of Imperva.

Imperva, a widely recognized content delivery network (CDN), offers a range of complex configuration options. Though its website is rich in documentation, theoretically enabling generative AI to cross-reference and return useful information, the reality is starkly different. ChatGPT lacks any specific knowledge about the workings of Imperva, thus unable to provide any direct assistance. The only information available comes from unofficial, third-party sources.


This invisibility of Imperva to ChatGPT raises the question: why? The answer is simple yet crucial. While Imperva's content is accessible to humans, it is not directly accessible to ChatGPT. This could be the result of a deliberate choice or unintended behavior, though the latter seems more likely given the content's indexing by Google. It's even possible that this inaccessibility was unknown to Imperva before this article was published.

The Root of the Problem

For performance reasons, ChatGPT uses a text-based browser to access web content in real-time. Given the potential volume of searches generated by a query and the need for rapid access to content, executing JavaScript, often used to generate or insert content into pages, is out of the question. This means that sites relying on JavaScript to display their content remain invisible to this technology.

The Solution: SIRCache

In response to this limitation, the SIRCache solution emerges as a lifesaver for universal content accessibility on the web. Recommended by Google for page indexing, this solution presents a complete static version of the pages, free from the need to execute JavaScript. The straightforward implementation of SIRCache eliminates the invisibility problem for affected sites without requiring any modifications to the existing infrastructure. It is a boon for technical managers and CTOs, providing an effective and immediate solution to a problem that was previously elusive and complex to resolve.

Ultimately, the era of generative AI highlights the critical importance of web content accessibility. The story of Imperva serves as a poignant reminder that, in a world increasingly dominated by AI, digital visibility requires proactive adaptation. The SIRCache technology offers a path towards this adaptation, underlining the urgency for businesses to ensure their content remains accessible at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

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