Success Case – Mobly


Artificial Intelligence-based technology increases Mobly’s sales conversion.

Indexa Solution, with a predictive model, creates online pages with products that will be more relevant to customers in the coming days; in the last fourteen months, more than 60 thousand landing pages were generated, responsible for a 20% increase in organic traffic.

Mobly – a technology startup that operates in the retail of furniture and decoration items – has created almost 60 thousand high-performance landing pages based on artificial intelligence in the last fourteen months. Innovation is already responsible for a quarter of organic search traffic not related to the brand, 20% of total organic traffic on the site, and 15% of total clicks. Behind the results is Simplex’s Indexa platform, a startup with solutions aimed at increasing traffic and sales conversion.

“Indexa platform can anticipate the searches of tens of thousands of consumers, as it has an information bank that uses artificial intelligence and systems based on machine learning to reach the most used keywords in consumer’s search,” explains Victor Hirai, manager Performance Marketing Strategy.

Search engines

The platform creates, in milliseconds, product catalog pages with the same visual interface as Mobly, without the consumer noticing the difference between the traditional pages of the website and the automated ones. All are generated according to Google’s best practices to be better positioned and indexed according to the search engine’s algorithm.

According to the Performance Marketing Manager, the new technology allowed Mobly’s e-commerce to see an increase in the relevance of the domain. Which now has better indexing on Internet search engines and traffic growth on the other site pages.

Hirai says the system is still learning. “Since January, when we started, our revenue from traffic generated by the Indexa platform has been growing. We believe it has the potential to scale up to 10% of the website’s revenues in the coming months,” he estimates. It will represent nearly a third of the site’s organic searches.

The company benefited from additional savings. If Mobly bought the traffic generated by Indexa from AdWords (paid internet media), it would have spent the equivalent of R $ 850 thousand.For us, however, the most important thing is not so much the possibility of reducing investment in paid media, but rather that of generating extra revenue for the company“, stresses the executive. “The revenue generated by the platform simply did not exist before,” he emphasizes.

Focus on SEO

For Hirai, Simplex played a strategic role in implementing Indexa at Mobly. “His team made us see the importance of pursuing improvements to expand organic traffic. Now the entire company is oriented in this direction, from the IT area to the sales area, through the development area“, says the Performance Marketing manager. “Everyone, continuously, we have been concerned with better SEO, since the creation of a product name, passing through its description and the description of its image on the website“, he informs.

João Lee, a founder of Simplex, reinforces the importance of strong SEO. “When we deliver an online page to the consumer with a product that is exactly what he seeks, we improve his experience and make the e-commerce brand each increasingly relevant on the internet. Besides, we still achieved a better sales conversion rate. With that, both sides of the counter – consumer and e-commerce – are winning.”