European Leader DIY Company

User Experience as a central focus in business strategy.

  • UX is key, and it’s most critical aspect is to match customer expectations with the best offer;
  • Delivering relevance at scale for long-tail queries has been an unaddressed challenge for long;
  • Progress in the machine-learning-based system allowed Simplex to develop a technological solution;
  • Indexa is a landing page generation system designed by Simplex that integrates all SEO best practices,
  • After one year of rolling it Indexa at an important DIY European vendor, non-branded keyword traffic increased by 15%, equivalent to a monthly ad spend of $900k.
  • SEO traffic requires good content and robust compliance to Google best practices 
  • Through its many benefits, SEO remains the investment with the most significant impact and most effective ROI

Simplex developed a solution that produces high volumes of qualified organic traffic for a worldwide European leader in DIY across two of its largest markets.

Deliver what the consumer wants, at the right moment, and with the high-quality standards in content is essential to succeed in the digital space. Brands need to develop the ability to build valuable customer experiences and optimize their online presence to connect with whoever is looking for them, or a need they can address.

Traffic is critical for any e-commerce operation. For DIY companies, according to SimilarWeb, organic traffic is the largest source of an audience (44%), higher than direct traffic (36%), and SEM (12%).

Every generation of e-commerce sales starts with a site audience or incoming traffic, and overall revenue level is directly correlated with traffic levels. This European DIY worldwide leader chose Simplex ‘s Indexa, to increase organic traffic, the most extensive channel, and the one with the most substantial untapped potential.

The solution analyzes the entire customer’s search behavior on the site and identifies traffic generation opportunities. With proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning-based systems, landing pages are created to the highest standards for optimal search engine indexing. By meeting the consumer’s experience highest standards and having the most advanced search engine optimization (SEO) requirements, these pages can attract high traffic volume and higher conversion rates at a low cost.

For this significant worldwide player and leading European DIY brand, a partnership with Simplex proved a profitable opportunity. It meant that they would improve their organic traffic and domain relevance at a scalable rate without requiring additional resources nor loading their already packed development roadmap.

According to SEMRush reporting data, in April of 2020, Indexa was accounting for up to 3,5 millions of monthly sessions or 15% of all organic traffic. The estimated monthly cost of acquisition (Adwords equivalent) for such traffic is $900,000. Up to now, Simplex ‘s software created around 110 000 landing pages that generated this additional traffic.

Indexa ‘s additional traffic

In just over a year, simplex. was able to help this European DIY worldwide brand better target their media investments, improve customer experience, increase traffic, conversion rate, and qualified leads by creating thousands of landing pages compliant with search engine best practices.

Indexa ‘s incremental traffic on total traffic 

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With the phase-out of 3rd-party cookies from browsers, retargeting strategies will be significantly affected, compromising brand traffic acquisition. And as direct response investment grow – so does CPCs.

SEO traffic will be split amongst actors who make an effort to produce the best combination of content and work to comply with Google to fit and match the user searches.

SEO focus to generate accurate content for key expressions also creates SEM opportunities for buying paid traffic at a lower CPC. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) being the only way to increase traffic instantly, SEO landing pages are an excellent lever to accelerate with a more substantial ROI.

Websites that have strong SEO are also benefiting from it on SEM, with a significantly lower CPC and increased conversions thanks to high-quality landing pages. Strong SEO also reduces SEM dependency: brands don’t need to buy traffic when they are already well ranked on natural search results. That either saves them the SEM budget or allow them to invest more.

Google Webmaster Blog says:

“Great page experiences enable people to get more done and engage more deeply; in contrast, a bad page experience could stand in the way of a person being able to find the valuable information on a page. By adding page experience to the hundreds of signals that Google considers when ranking search results, we aim to help people more easily access the information and web pages they’re looking for, and support site owners in providing an experience users enjoy.” (Google Webmaster Central Blog)[1]

SEO traffic is the most qualified traffic because Google is driving users to the best available combination of content relevance, trust, speed, and device compatibility. Strong SEO visibility on key searches is also the best way to remain “top of mind” for customers. It is key to brand awareness.

Organizations have no choice but to work in a smarter way to develop their traffic quality. Search Engine Optimization, throughout its many benefits, is the strategy with the most reliable ROI. Being a zero-sum game, there is only one top position at a competitor’s expense.

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