Learn how to take your e-commerce to the next level.

We don’t only produce pages, we create them with the best quality score and that optimizes your conversion rate.

Anticipates the most searched queries made by users.

Score those queries with AI technology

Create new pages with the best user experience.

What’s Indexa.

Indexa automatically creates pages with the best quality score and user experience.

We use artificial intelligence to consider the user’s browsing perspective, so we can deliver pages with the best experience, lowering your bounce rate and thus improving your sales.

Our solution follows the most important criteria required by top search engines to rank your site well. This helps optimize your acquisition because it increases your traffic with qualified leads, which means higher user engagement and higher conversion rates.

How Indexa works

All of the content generated is based on people’s most research terms across the internet. Our intelligence discovers which of these trends is more related to your business and generates, automatically, seamless category pages to be you.

Our system has a keyword database with more than 100 thousand keywords that are weekly updated according to market behavior. Our terms are analyzed in a machine learning process and only relevant results are selected to be developed into pages.

This keyword analysis process and page creation are completely automatic, as is the integration made to the site through the use of Sitemaps and optimized caching system.