Real-time performance monitoring with support for marketing, sales and technology teams.

Simplex has the best alerting system that notifies you when you find an anomaly on your site.

Data analysis

Collects and centralizes indicators

Notifies when abnormal activity is found

How to deal with hundreds of variables that may indicate that something is not so good?

Cerebro is a new generation of a website assistant. It is an intelligent monitoring system designed to analyze your data and improve its performance. With proprietary AI technology and tracking software, it can detect and report any anomaly from an IT, business, or marketing perspective.

Unlike a traditional IT monitoring system, Cerebro is a tool made for business goals, focusing on data analysis that will ultimately affect revenue.

The tool is highly customizable, so each team can be nominated to receive KPI anomalies of their respective interests.

Based on a notification system, Cerebro fires as soon as abnormal data (positive or negative) is identified on the company website. The basic algorithm for finding anomalies or outliers is based on statistical methods, ensuring that the findings are significant.

All done as simply as possible.